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Becoming a Member

Towards the end of the worship service, we sing a Hymn of Discipleship. During the singing of this hymn, we invite those who wish to join SJBC to come to the front and speak to the Pastor.

We receive members in the following three ways:

  • Profession of faith in Jesus Christ (followed by baptism at a later time)
  • Transfer of membership from another church
  • Statement of previous church membership
If you are considering membership at SJBC, read our church covenant.  It articulates the commitments we make to each other as a part of thie faith community.  If you have additional questions, call the church office (704-333-5428) to speak with one of the ministers.  During the worship service, you also may fill out an “I Wish” card found in the backs of the pews and place it in the offering plate.