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Children's Sunday School

At St. John’s, our mission is to help children experience the love of God through our own expressions of love. We hope that by giving children our time, our care, our efforts, and our instruction we are modeling for them an idea of what it means to be a Child of God.

Sunday School, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

  • Infants and Toddlers - Are loved and cared for by our weekly volunteers. They experience the presence of God through gentle hands, kind words, and a comforting environment. They meet on the preschool hall in the 2’s room. Children at this age stay in their room for the full morning.
  • Preschool - Children ages 3 and 4 make a weekly craft, hear a Bible story, have a snack and play together. They meet in the 3’s room on the downstairs preschool hall. Children at this age stay in their room for the full morning.
  • Elementary - Children in K-5th grades meet on the second floor. They use the "Grow-Proclaim-Serve!" curriculum to learn Bible stories and explore the lives of Bible characters. They practice Bible knowledge through fun games and drills, and work on projects for mission and performance.
Sunday Worship Hour for K-5, 10:15 AM - 11:30 AMChildren's Christmas Play
  • K-2 - This age is a time to introduce children to worship and worship practices. Children begin a schedule of time in worship and time in worship education classes:
    • 1st Sunday - Baptist Democracy - children learn about the congregational model of decision-making by choosing together their activity;
    • 2nd Sunday - Quiet Worship--children learn practices of silence and meditation;
    • 3rd Sunday - Prayer - children learn about different types of prayer and how prayer is part of being in relationship with God;
    • 4th Sunday - in worship with families. Participating in worship with the church family is an important part of a child's spiritual formation.
  • 3rd-5th –This age group is ready to experience more time in worship with the church family. They join their families for worship every Sunday.

Fellowship OpportunitiesVacation Bible School
Building relationships is part of the job of the children’s program - one way we do that is by enjoying time together through our regularly scheduled activities and through special opportunities, such as participating in the CROP Walk and other missions opportunities and our annual trip to PassportKids! camp.

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