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United in the faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, revealed in history, disclosed in the Scriptures, and experienced in human life, we do solemnly and joyfully make this Covenant together:

We will be faithful to the public worship of God, gathering with the family of the Church to celebrate his glory and remember his grace.

We will take seriously the responsibility and privilege of personal Christian growth, diligently seeking to establish and maintain a Christian atmosphere in our homes.

We will love and encourage each other in the family of the Church, and admonish each other as occasion may require. Our differences will not separate us but rather increase our understanding and strengthen the bonds of Christian love.

We will be faithful stewards, as God has prospered us, contributing our financial support for the Church and its ministries and offering ourselves for God's work in the world.

We will, with God's help, so live our lives that others, seeing the joy of Christian living, may seek to know Jesus Christ our Lord.

We will be a servant church, recognizing the infinite worth of every person and believing that Christ has called us to active involvement in behalf of human brotherhood.

In the spirit of this Covenant, we pray together:

Almighty God, Father of us all, witness this Covenant which we make with each other and with Thee. Guide us as we try to do that which pleases Thee, to the glory of Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Adopted March 22,1922
Revised June 10,1973