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Family Night

St. John's Baptist Church Family Night - Where the Church comes to be Family!

We invite you to join us for our weekly Church Family Night activities and meal. The cost of the meal is $8.00 per adult and $5.00 per child with a total family maximum of $30.00. Chef Ed Culler serves meals cooked in our own kitchen each week (menus are available weekly at www.stjohnsbaptistchurch.org/family-news.php.
No reservations are needed - just come.


School aged children participate in a wonderful Wednesday evening filled with fellowship and music education. Dinner begins at 5:30pm. There is a children's table or children may choose to sit with their families. There is an activity table for children who finish their meal before choir begins. After celebrating birthdays with the church family, children go to their choir rooms at 6:15pm. Children should be picked up by their parents or grandparents or guardian at 7:05. The schedule for children is as follows:

Children PreK (age 4)-5th Grade -

5:30 – 6:15 Dinner in Broach Hall
6:15 – 7:05  Children's Choirs
                    (PreK/Age 4-1st Grade children meet in Room 225; 2nd-5th Grade children meet in room 229)

Youth programs are offered on Sunday evenings; Wednesdays, youth enjoy fellowship with each other and Lee Gray in Broach Hall.

Our program for adults on Wednesday evening involves several important elements:

  • Time of intercessory prayer for members who are ill, or grieving, or in need of prayer for other reasons;
  • Times of Bible study or theological study;
  • OR Community speakers, connecting us with our missions, our people's needs, and our beliefs.