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Women of the Church

Existing Programs of the Church for Women

Women on Mission
The organization that supports missions activities has two general meetings monthly on the first Tuesday, one in the morning and one in the evening. These meetings occur at the church with programs that are mission-related. In addition, circles or small groups also meet in members’ homes and at the church monthly. These groups provide a nurturing and supportive environment for fellowship and in which to do missions projects.

Bible Study
This group meets weekly for an hour to consider and discuss scripture. They study various biblical books. They meet Wednesday mornings at 11:00 in the church lounge.

Craft Class
This group meets Friday mornings at 9:30 in the church lounge to make items to sell for Country Carnival (held in the latter part of October). They offer classes in a variety of crafts, including quilting, basket making, and other activities that interest members. Fellowship and the nurturing of friendships are an important aspect of Craft Class.

Book Study Groups
Groups choose a devotional book to read and discuss over a number of weeks, generally ten or less. These groups meet at various times convenient to group members.

Book Club
This group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the church library to discuss a chosen book, usually fiction.

Sandwich Makers
This group meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am to prepare sandwiches for delivery to Urban Ministries for lunches for the homeless.

Comfort Casseroles
Women of the Church make and bring casseroles to the casserole room, where they are kept in the freezer to be taken to members who are experiencing emergencies, death in the family or other difficulties.

Care Committee
This group provides support to members who have lost close relatives to death. If the funeral is held at the church, this group will provide a meal for the family before or after the service at the church.

Uptown Ladies
This support group is for widows and other women. They meet at the church on the third Thursday of the month and go to lunch or visit near-by places of interest for fun and fellowship.

Birthday Club
This group sends birthday greetings to every adult church member.

Cradle Roll
The Cradle Roll participants visit all new babies born to our members.

Contact Lee Gray in the church office (704-333-5428).  He will be glad to put you in touch with the appropriate person who can assist you in getting involved in any of these ministries.